Power Clean 2.3.15 APK Android

January 28, 2015- Occasionally we see our devices running slower and even freezing because they are clogged with unnecessary junk files and data. Each phone or tablet must have application for the device clean unwanted files and kill applications running in the background.

Clean Power could do that and more but the interface bears a striking resemblance to one of the best apps in this category.
Power Clean 2.3.15 APK For Android Latest Free Version 2015

Interface that resembles another application

The first thing you’ll notice about Clean Power is that its icon and interface are almost identical to one of the main leaders applications in this category, Clean Master. Silent the two applications differ in certain respects, but its main features are the same.
Clean Power does not come with instructions, but if you never get used similar applications before the need. It has an intuitive interface, with access to all functions of the main screen and some adjustments to the implementation of its own. The application also comes with a widget pulse phone, tap once and drive processes.

Clean junk files that slow your phone

The interface comes with animation, to start applying three meters show the percentage of available storage space, RAM used and CPU usage. Click on them to access the fastest functions or use the grid at the bottom.
Clean Power scans your device and displays a list of junk files and cache could be deleted. Junk files that exceed the size of 500 KB will be moved to recycle bin photo to remove the reeds and cleaned after 7 days.
You can also use the app to manually delete the records of calls, send receive messages and passwords and accounts to applications. You can get quick access to the application from the notification bar, the toolbar provides direct access application functions, gallery, calculator and a flashlight. However, there is no option to customize or rearrange the icons.

Adding Memory to kill or uninstall applications that do not need

One reason why some phones freeze because the CPU usage is high and overheating of the device, making it slower. Clean Power comes with a memory booster that kills applications running in the background. No option to create a whitelist that means you have to manually disable not want to kill.
Some adjustments you can make to prevent autostart applications using your memory. It can kill, the diversion of the application or notify you when the CPU is overused. The manager application is a great way to uninstall applications you use infrequently and the application also comes with a section containing information about the device.

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