ProxMate for Chrome 4.0.6 Download

February 02, 2015- Surfing the Internet you’re bound to find one or more websites that are restricted in your area or country.
ProxMate for Chrome is a tool that can facilitate you overtake this problem by implementing a simple and practical solution which takes the form of a Chrome extension lightweight.
In general, such a situation is overcome by a proxy server that can help you run your data transfer servers in other countries without some restriction. Although its name suggests its use, ProxMate for Chrome is not based on a proxy to do their job. Instead, fragments of websites collected from a larger network server and directs this information to you.
ProxMate for Chrome 4.0.6 Download
The extension is installed in your browse Chrome like any other by falls in the Extensions section of the browser. It is from there that you are able to access its settings and configure it to suit your needs. Although not directly ProxMate Chrome uses a default to grant access to certain websites proxy, that does not mean you can not connect to one. From the options panel you can do this by providing the URL of the proxy and port number.
The biggest benefit of having and using this extension based on Java is the fact that i makes it possible for you to browse and view the contents of the websites that are normally blocked. With ProxMate for Chrome that give you access to services like Pandora, YouTube And Others.
Displaying a simple icon next to the address bar, where all reside Chrome extension, Chrome ProxMate easily accessible from there and helps you enjoy the content on popular websites, without restriction.

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