Smart Alarm 2.0.8 For Android

February 15, 2015- Many people have trouble getting up in the morning and therefore need applications intricate alarm that would wake up fast and efficient. But for those who just need an application stylish but still simple that works, no free Smart Alarm.
It comes with lots of features along with customization options and some unique tools to make sure you’re really awake after discarding the alarm.
Smart Alarm 2.0.8 For Android APK New Version 2015

Useful interface with plenty of features at pass

The application does not come with a tutorial or instruction to show new users how to navigate within the application and access to all its features. However, it does show an alarm icon in the notification screen, so you can forever check if the alarm was set correctly and the amount of time left before it explodes.
The interface is not as nice, it only has a transparent background so that you can adjust the degree and allows you to access the setup menu from the overflow button at the bottom of the screen. However, you can choose the background color and text font.

Modify the application to your liking

Other than that you can make some more changes to the interface, the application allows you to sort the alarms in the home screen based on certain criteria, such as the order in time and name. You can also select three sections you would like the menu button to show you, as all the menus and settings.
The application also comes with a widget, and allows you to customize various ways. You can change the font color or resize the widget. There is also the option to adjust the size of the fire and snooze buttons, along with its color. Smart Alarm Free also comes with a fast timer.

Set multiple alarms

Set an alarm is pretty easy, you just need to set the time and have repeated application on certain days. Then you need to pick a ringtone or song of your gallery, adjust the volume and have the set of applications, even in silent mode.
You can also choose from several modes of fire, such as pressing the button on the screen, repeatedly entering a number or solve math problems, but different difficulty level.
The application also allows you to choose the maximum number of cycles snooze and comes with built-in preview, but you can not hit the snooze button in this mode. The application can also be connected to your calendar to automatically disable the alarms during the holidays.

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