SourceTree 2021 Download Latest Version

A free Git and Mercurial client for Windows or Mac.

DVCS full power

Say goodbye to the command line – use the full Git and Mercurial capability in the SourceTree desktop application. Manage all your repositories, hosted or local, through the simple interface of SourceTree.

Perfect for newcomers

Simplify DVCS for your computer. SourceTree can take everyone to speed with Git and Mercurial. Create, clone, confirm, push, extract, merge, and more are just a click away.
SourceTree 2.3.2 Download Latest Version

Powerful enough for the experts

Make advanced Git and Mercurial developers even more productive. Check your inbound and outbound changesets, cherry-picking among branches, patch management, re-base, storage, storage, and more.

Git-flow and Hg-flow out of the box

Use Git-flow and Hg-flow with ease. Keep your repositories cleaner and your development more efficient with SourceTree’s intuitive interface to the “branch” model of Git and Hg. A consistent development process, right out of the box.

What’s New:

  • Windows version updated to 1.9.5
  • Mac version updated to 2.3.2
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Operating System:
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
16.8 MB
Updated Date:

April 16, 2021

SourceTree 2021 Download Latest Version

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