Sticky Password Free For Windows Latest Download (full)

June 08, 2015- Sticky Password Free For Windows. Sticky Password Free is a tool to manage passwords and other private user data used when logging on to certain websites. This is particularly useful application that will help you work on the computer and in addition protect user data. 

Sticky Password is required when you have an online bank account or on other pages.  The program is available in the free version and allows you to add up to 15 different user accounts. It is worth noting that the program is further protected by encryption algorithms and provides added security against theft of passwords and other personal information. 
Sticky Password Free For Windows Latest Download (full)
All added password integrate with web browsers and most importantly the program recognizes the page on which we have set up an account. So you can automatically log in to the website with the application. In the application, Sticky Password will find easy-to-use wizard that will guide you through the process of importing and securing any online account. 

The program will also find data management service when logging in to the programs installed on your hard drive. Passwords can be secured in the following encryption algorithms – AES 256 bit blowfish, twofish, Sapphire II, FROG and Diamond II.

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