Unity 4.6.3 for Mac OS X

Unity 4.6.3 for Mac OS X Latest Free Download

Feb 25, 2015- The unit is the only high-end development tools based Mac sporting a stylish pro-app GUI, work flow without friction and technical features top of the line, such as extensible graphics, great effects games particle, highly optimized scripting, the Ageia PhysX engine, character animation and skin rag dolls and make independent games for Mac and Windows (and Dashboard Widgets and web-plugins).
The unit is a 3D game editor which happens to contain one of the most advanced game engines out there. Full of energy that is designed to meet the demands of the developers of next generation games.
Unity 4.6.3 for Mac OS X Latest Free Download
Create stunning, different, captivating games with state of the art technology Ageia PhysX ™ as physics engine, the most modern and highly optimized graphics effects JavaScript.
Automatic import of assets, prefabricated houses and ultra fast editplaymodify change while you assemble and test your game helps maintain the creative flow. Production assets was never so fast before. The editor ties together all the features powerful engine intuitively.

Integrated Editor

  • System keyframe animation with a user interface that lets you animate almost all parameters of game objects.
  • Drag and drop to adjust the settings and connect everythign logic game graphic effects.
  • Play Button to instantly test your work and pause and step * framework to test the game as it progresses.
  • High performance automated pipeline assets. Never think of importing your assets again. Save the file .psd Photoshop and see how they are updated live in unity without clicking a button.
  • System design customizable dashboard. Allowing you to customize your work environment as you see fit.
  • All settings can be edited in an easy to use property editor.

One-Click Deployment

  • Mac OS X plugin web.
  • Mac OS X standalone player.
  • Dashboard Widget.
  • Windows Web Player (coming soon).
  • Separate windows [Unity Pro feature] shortly.
  • Protected deployment [Unity Pro feature].


  • The game logic and easily implementable AI scripting.
  • All aspects of a game are scripted with easy understandbut powerful interface. Scripts can be assigned to objects through drag and drop.
  • Edit the properties of script in the editor, and drag and drop to assign values.
  • The supported languages ​​are JavaScript, C # and Python as the language * Boo.


  • High performance mesh rendering engine. Mesh skinning with multiple bones. Real-time animation mix for believable characters.
  • System very fast and flexible particles that supports collisions, as well as color and texture animation.
  • Animated textures.
  • Normal map generation meshes.
  • Superb Support multiple cameras.
  • Skyboxes.

Flexible Shader Engine

Extensible render to texture effects, including glow [Unity Pro feature].
Spotlights, omni-directional lights and ligths and projected textures, halos and volumetric light cones.
Support for the latest features of your graphics card as bumpmapping, mapping, reflection, refraction, cubemaps, trilinear filtering and mipmapping.
The unit comes with an extensive library of 32 Vertex shaders including Backlit, fuzzy, bright, Bumped, Bumped Specular 9 shaders of different self-illuminating and reflecting particles.

Novodex Physics Engine

  • Best world physics engine at full speed by Ageia.
  • Fast and realistic simulation that enables physics-based game with great interactive environments.
  • Ragdolls, battery box, cars, helicopters. What you want to simulate.
  • Dynamic flexible hinge, ball * plugs and suspensions.
  • Tune friction, slip, and restitution.
  • And support meshprimitive meshmesh collisions.


  • 3D positional audio with space attenuation.
  • Support for all common file formats.

Play Structure

  • Component-Based Modeling entities game. Components can be added and removed while the game is running.
  • System consultation and messaging powerful (and fast) for communication between components.
  • Support for switching between scenes, the data that survives through scenes, and saving game settings and status.

Import file formats

  • Import models, animations and animated characters of all major 3D applications such as Maya, Cinema 4D, Lightwave & MotionBuilder. Supported file format are: fbx, maya mb file, 3DS and blender. With the 3DS format virtually all 3D modeling applications can be used with the unit.
  • Imports all major image formats and movie using QuickTime. Save your Photoshop files that include layers and let Unity automatically compress your pictures in high quality compressor Unity S3TC texture. All automatically without even pressing a button.
  • Automatic conversion of normal heights.
  • Different methods of generating MIP maps (detail cast, filters Kaiser, gamma corrected, and others).


  • Mac OS X 10.3 or later
  • Radeon or Geforce MX GFX card with at least 32MB of VRAM.
  • 500MHz recommended.
  • Games running on Rage 128 GFX cards depending on the complexity of the scene.
  • Works with most 3D modeling applications, and imports almost any media file format *.

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