What’s New in Windows 11? [REVIEWS]

Microsoft’s latest operating system has a new look and feels that are both elegant and functional. Windows 11 includes rounded windows 11 and improved apps. It also features a new Start menu that’s “cloud-powered” and changes according to the content and time of day.

Windows 11

It’s even possible to customize the start menu and taskbar from the Insider Build, which lets you see the new features before the official release. So what are the major changes in Windows 11?

Microsoft Teams

When you’re using Windows 11 or Mac OS X, the ‘Chat’ feature of Microsoft Teams is now available in the work area. It allows for quick video calls and visits with contacts. It is also pinned to the taskbar at startup and can be accessed from individual Microsoft accounts. Microsoft Teams will be available on Mac, iOS, and Android. Here are the new features you can look forward to with Teams on Windows 11.

First, open the Settings app. To open it, press Windows Key + I. Click Apps and features. Then, click the three-dot icon. Select Microsoft Teams. If you didn’t install it on your PC, it will be in the Taskbar. In case you’re not satisfied with the app, you can uninstall it. Microsoft Teams for Windows 11 is available in the Windows Store. However, it is not necessary to download it.

If you don’t want to download the app, you can try it on a free trial version before buying it. Microsoft Teams works on Windows 10, macOS, and Android. You can chat with friends and colleagues on Skype or other similar apps and keep track of their conversations. You can also add contacts from other computers to your Teams. And, of course, you can make calls through the app as well. It will also sync with your existing contacts.

The personal edition of Microsoft Teams lacks some features found in the work and school editions. However, it has all the core chat features you’d expect to find in any other app. It also invites you to meet someone and chat with them. Then, you can easily invite them to join the conversation. It’s easy to get started with Microsoft Teams by clicking on the chat flyout. You can also open Microsoft Teams directly from the Start menu.

Snap Layouts

If you use multiple open windows or apps on your PC, you might find Snap Layouts useful. The feature allows you to group windows and apps into separate layouts, and lets you choose where they should be placed. When you have four or more windows, snap each one to fill the position in which it’s located. This feature also lets you save your layouts as Snap Groups. Here are some examples of how Snap Layouts work.

To enable Snap Layouts, you first need to restart your PC. From here, you can hover over the maximize button to select different layouts. You can rearrange apps or the current page using the layouts. For more customization, you can open the registry editor. To do this, copy the relevant registry entry and paste it into the address bar of your PC. You can also enable Snap Layouts in Windows 10 by following the same procedure as described above.

Next, go to the registry editor. Open the registry editor. Type in “Regedit.cfg” in the text box. Click “Yes” to confirm the change. After the restart, you can enable or disable Snap Layouts in Windows 11.

To enable Snap Layouts, you must first enable the feature on your PC. To do this, navigate to the Power User menu and click on the System category. Then, select “Snaps”. You will notice a tab called “Multi-tasking”. You can use the multitasking toolbar to enable this feature. If the tab is turned off, simply uncheck it and enable the feature. It should say On by default.

Snap Groups

In Windows 11, you can now organize apps with snap groups. Snap groups allow you to arrange four apps in square grids. Each app gets equal screen space and appears in the taskbar when you hover over them. You can also change the layout of these groups in the task switcher by clicking on them or hovering the mouse pointer over them. In this way, you can easily switch between apps in the group. However, the new feature doesn’t yet work for all apps. For now, it’s only available in the Dev to build.

Another feature that lets you rearrange your windows is the ability to create multiple Snap Groups. You can create one for the primary monitor and another for the secondary one. You can change the layout of each snap group to suit your preferences. Snap Groups also keep the layout of your windows when you dock them. This makes them much more convenient than individual windows. But how do you get started? Read on to discover more about Snap Groups in Windows 11.

The snap layouts are similar to those found in iOS and Android’s Split screen, but they allow you to organize apps and windows in groups. Simply hover your mouse over the maximize button, choose the snap layout, and click the zone you wish to group windows into. Once you have the snap layout, you can access your apps easily. This will help you to save screen space and stay organized. But there are other ways to use this feature in Windows 11.

The snap layouts in Windows 11 are more customizable and accessible than before. When you hover over the maximize button, you can select a predefined layout and reorder the apps. Another useful feature is the Snap Groups, a new feature that lets you open multiple windows in one go. It works with apps and websites and even allows you to open the same arrangement with multiple windows. But how do you use it to arrange multiple windows in one go?

Touch keyboard

If you’ve got a touchscreen PC that runs Windows 11, you might wonder whether to use the built-in touch keyboard or if you should just disable it. The answer to that question is both. Windows 11 offers a new touch keyboard experience with a number of improvements and features that will make the keyboard feel more like a tablet. The touchscreen taskbar icon can bring up an on-screen keyboard, which you can use to type text, type emails, or perform other tasks.

To enable the built-in Touch keyboard on your Windows 11 tablet, you need to first open the Windows Settings app. There, you’ll find a new EnableDesktopModeAutoInvoke DWORD value. Right-click this key and choose New DWORD (32-bit) Value. After that, change EnableDesktopModeAutoInvoke to 1 in the registry editor.

If you’re a visual learner, you’ll want to check out the new touch keyboard. There are many customization options for this new keyboard, and you can also change its theme if you want. The keyboard is also built-in with a screen-reading application called Narrator. Those who don’t have a good vision can even customize it with their favorite fonts or colors. There’s also a handy video to guide you through Windows eleven screen gestures, which you can use to open widgets or the notification center.

Before you can start using the new touchscreen keyboard, you’ll need to change some settings. First, you’ll need to disable autocorrect, which will prevent the computer from making mistakes and misspelling words. Also, you can change the volume to a higher or lower level, and enable speech recognition. Then, you can use the On-Screen Keyboard feature to hear what you type. There’s another way to enable the keyboard – you can use the Registry Editor to turn on the click sound when you click a key.

DirectStorage Optimized PCs

There are several important requirements for a Windows 11 DirectStorage OptimizedPC. These include a PC with an NVMe SSD of at least 1TB in capacity and a motherboard that supports this technology. Also, DirectStorage requires the latest GPUs from Nvidia and AMD. Unlike other features of Windows 10, DirectStorage on PCs is not automatically enabled by default.

DirectStorage is a new feature available in Windows 11. It allows games to load their assets directly onto the graphics card, avoiding long lead times. Windows 11 DirectStorage Optimized PCs feature hardware and drivers optimized for this feature. Developers can learn more about DirectStorage and the benefits of implementing it on their PCs by visiting Microsoft’s DirectStorage resource site.

While DirectStorage was originally planned as a Windows 11-only feature, Microsoft has now reversed its stance on the technology. This new feature should be available for Windows 10 and older versions of Windows. Microsoft says that DirectStorage has “further storage optimizations” and should improve overall IO performance. For now, Luminous Productions’ Forspoken is the first game to make use of DirectStorage.


The new feature also provides a better gaming experience. DirectStorage is a low-level storage API created by Microsoft and is now included in Windows 11. The new feature enables the GPU to receive more game data, which in turn allows the games to load more quickly. By improving game data processing on Windows 11 PCs, you’ll be able to enjoy your games faster than ever. There is no need to suffer through the dreaded loading screen again!

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