WhatsApp PLUS Holo 3.17 APK For Android Latest Download

April 26, 2015- WhatsApp PLUS Holo is the new Facebook !! I do not remember going through an hour without checking my WhatsApp. So has soon been an integral part of our lives. All we praise the WhatsApp features provided us, from emotions to express notes, WhatsApp is too awesome.
What if we say that our WhatsApp is even better? Do not be too surprised, our WhatsApp has come up with new and exciting features and is called WHATSAPP WhatsApp PLUS Holo: THIS TIME YOUR BLUE. WhatsApp Plus (unofficial) brand new version of WhatsApp is here to be unveiled today. So let’s dwell on – the new WhatsApp Plus has to offer us. Here’s our take.
WhatsApp PLUS Holo 3.17 APK For Android Latest Download

WhatsApp Plus Holo has the following great features:

  • We all love our green icon WhatsApp. No? Yes we do. But WhatsApp Plus comes with a blue icon. Change is good and this new icon also looks cute !!
  • Change your color: We can never change the colors on our WhatsApp but using WhatsApp Plus, we can change the colors of almost all parts of the application. It means we can change our background color and color header, etc. So using WhatsApp Plus you can add more colors to your WhatsApp and enjoy.
  • Size extended video: Using WhatsApp can send videos to friends with a maximum size of 16 MB and all have died just wanted to spread. And here WhatsApp Plus is a video size of 50 MB. So this version of plus size video and enjoy great videos.
  • La Cosa State: Using WhatsApp can not just hide our condition and reveal to the people we love, but we can also see the status of our friend just below the chat unlike our WhatsApp where we had to first make Click on the contact icon and then view the status. Easier to better WhatsApp!
  • High quality images: I hate when my WhatsApp becomes all my images HQ to complete disarray. But with WhatsApp Plus has a different option for high quality images. So his images remain as they are. Is not it great?
  • Exciting new topics: WhatsApp Plus has included new and interesting topics to it. And they are many. Change the entire look of your WhatsApp WhatsApp Plus. The traditional WhatsApp offers no issues so this is one of the reasons for seeking WhatsApp Plus.
  • Bright colors Fint: The same old monotonous black font color has come to an end with WhatsApp Plus, because with the new WhatsApp Plus change the font color on your WhatsApp. Using WhatsApp Plus may also include different font color for unread messages, group messages. This is something really new and fascinating.
  • Location: With WhatsApp Plus can send your location to your friends. It would be wonderful if every time you are somewhere, your friends know where ?? This is really a new feature I really want to use.

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