Best Free Online Paraphrasing Tool For Students In 2019

Free Online Paraphrasing Tool what is it?

Welcome to the Jaansoft free Paraphrasing tool. This will help you to paraphrase your articles, assignments, essays and any other content with super-fast speed. You don’t need to spend a single penny to rewrite your contents without any fear of plagiarism by using the best free online sentence rewriter tool by SEO Tools Centre.
best free online paraphrasing tool

What is meant by Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is a unique term used for rewritten content. Rewriting means expressing someone thoughts into your words. Let me explain it through an example:

Suppose you just watched a movie and wanted to let your audience knows what the story of the film is and how you feel after watching it.

To explain it you will use your words that one which was used in the movie or play. It is known as paraphrasing. In paraphrasing, only the words changed not the theme or story of the event.

What is The Best Free Paraphrasing Tool?

Best Free Paraphrasing tool by SEOMagnifier is a useful gadget that will help you in paraphrasing the contents of your demand. Rephrasing is done just to present or explain the idea or concept in an excellent way in which the original author succeeded/failed due to some reason.

This tool will overcome the mistakes that were done in the original article. The number of words varies accordingly. The rephrased contents may contain the more/less number of words than the original.

The important thing is that you can compare it with a summary because no reference is provided in rephrasing and it is because you are using your words not the original writer.
You are just explaining his ideas. And this tool will let you do this and make your work easy.

How to paraphrase effectively:

Well! It is the primary topic, and many writers wrote on it. Let me explain it to you briefly.

Read the points carefully

·         First read the article, essay, web content or any other material you want to rewrite. Read it, again and again, to get the full understanding of the topic and thing writer want to explain.
·         Now it’s time make some notes. Keep the original article aside and write what you remember in your own words. These are the notes that will help you further.
·         Now the real task is here. Write the main keyword on the top of the note board as the title. Summarize the topic in your mind and collects some related words that you are going to use in writing. Start writing and finish it.
·         After finishing match your written article to the original one. Make sure you have explained the theme of the content appropriately.
·         Never try to change the theme of the article because if you do so, your writing will lose the quality and thing will get mixed up.
·         If you want to use the original words than using quotation marks to give credit to the original writer. This will make your article more useful. If you don’t do quoting and use the original words that thing will happen vice versa.  
·         Write down the source on note board before start writing. IT will be helpful in giving credit when you want to use the original words.

I think now you have understood what paraphrasing is and how to do it. Now let’s discus come Pros and Cons of it.

Paraphrasing Tool PRO and Cons:


1.      Article rewriting is the one that gives you the best opportunity to increase your realization about the topic you want to rewrite. It’s the universal truth that if you write an issue in your words than your knowledge about that topic increases.
2.      A quotation is a tough job as compared to the paraphrasing. Rephrasing is flexible and easy to remember in future, the reason behind this that you don’t have to remember the original words all the time and no one forget what he/lots write.
3.      The most significant advantage is that you can decrease or increase the number of words than the original one according to your need or ease.
4.      Now the last one but not the least and it is the one due to which you need the tool. Rephrasing is a hard job to do manually. But using this online paraphrasing tool will make it easy for you and guess what you don’t need to spend your precious money to rewrite an article.


As everything has its Pros and Cons, likewise Paraphrasing also has some drawbacks. Let’s get to know about them.

1.      One of the main Cons of the Paraphrasing is that idea of the topic can be changed mistakenly during rewriting. If you think it is easy to paraphrase than you are on the wrong path as it is a tough job to in matter to keep the theme unchanged. You need to be very careful during rewriting and it’s not a thing that everyone can do with ease.
2.      If the original content has the power of explanation due to its context and words written in it than quotation is the best way instead of Paraphrasing. You will lose the article quality if the original one is precise and accurate.

Is this rephrase tool helpful?

If you remember the step of effective rephrasing that I discussed above, then you will get aware that it is sturdy to write any text into own words especially when you have to write a lots of words in a short period. Anyone who is rewriting the content can make a mistake any time at any point without noticing it.
Therefore, it is beneficial to use this rephrasing tool to write the task. Use this tool by inquire SEO to get your essay written without any investment and within no time.
This Paraphrasing tool is very practical to use as it is fast and vigilant. It is a beneficial tool which is used by many professionals to complete their targets like essays, articles, assignment and web contents.
If you are tired of hiring writers or rewriting the content on your own, then it is the best tool available in the online market to use and to release your stress.

Why should you use this tool?

If you are right in writing, have excellent English and now how to rewrite an article effectively without losing idea of the text, then you don’t need to use this tool. You can use it increase your knowledge and vocabulary, but this gadget is specially made for those who don’t know how to paraphrase the article or are not good in English.

Get Plagiarism Free Contents:

Yes! You read it right. This Paraphrasing tool by Inquire SEO delivers plagiarism free work. It contains millions of words and synonym, and this is why it gives work free of plagiarism.

Follow the instructions given below to get the best-rewritten article.

·         Choose a high-quality article to rewrite it by using this paraphrasing tool.

·         Once your article gets paraphrased read it carefully.

·         Do not paraphrase the article for many times as it will end up lowest quality article.

·         At the end checks for the plagiarism.

How does this rewriting tool work?

It works in very pragmatic way. Once you paste you article in it will scan it and rewrite it and delivered the rewritten content in next block.

How to use the sentence rewriter and paraphrasing tool?

  • It is effortless to use. The paraphrasing tool by the inquire SEO can be used with ease to get your new required content without knowing any rocket science. The only thing that you have to do is to copy the content you want to rewrite and paste it into the given box.
  • After pasting the article go for the rewrite or submit button and click on it. The tool will start working on the text and start finding the proper synonyms for the given words. Result will be shown on the screen within no time.

Finals Words:

There are many tools available online that can be used for paraphrasing, but it is the one on which you can trust. It will help you rank first in the search engine like Google. On one side this tool will save your precious time, and on the other side, it also saves the money that you gave to writers.
It is all about the Online Paraphrasing tool that is presented to you by the Inquire SEO.

Hope you get understands it in better way and has no question left. We tried our best to explain all about this tool and paraphrasing in a better way. But still if you have some problem you can contact us.

We at Inquire SEO are very grateful for your tolerance. We hope that you use this tool and find it very useful to write the content for your site or project. If that so than, please let us know and also give suggestions if you think we need to improve. You can do that by commenting in the comment box provided below.

If you want to check for the plagiarism you can our plagiarism tool and can also use many other tools to get the high rank in the search engine. Hope you’ll like it.

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