PhotoMirror editor 2.2 Android

January 07, 2015- Fill Google Play store with all kinds of applications and photography for Android devices, some of which are suitable for professional photographers others left even amateur wants more than that.
PhotoMirror belongs to the latter category of applications with some of the features but not enough to edit images correctly but not to play with your own photos and having some fun while creating mirror images with effects and share them with friends.
PhotoMirror editor 2.2 Android

And a nice interface that makes it easy to create mirror images

The user interface opens with the home department offering access to sections within the application to the list with the recommended applications that were created by the same developers or others.
In addition users have a separate section in which they can evaluate the application and provide feedback to developers. However it does not come with instructions for use or educational program to show people how to navigate within the application and how to edit photos quickly and efficiently. Users can either take pictures quickly or edit pictures that you have stored in their phone gallery.

Follow the steps for image editing application on the spot

PhotoMirror do not use special filters to apply to your camera so you have to be to capture raw images with your camera and then edited in later. Can see the pictures in 2D or 3D and mirror reflections are placed in several forms so that users can adjust the distance between the images using simple gestures.
You also have the option to change the aspect ration of up to 16: 9. 3D mode comes with many shapes to choose from, including the Leafs, hearts and butterflies and Batman symbol. In addition you can zoom in / zoom out on images up and down and move side to side or another. It too lets you add notes to pictures.

Add filters and borders to your photos

Moreover PhotoMirror lets you choose from among several candidates but they are somewhat conservative and you can not change the severity of the filters leading to increased unit of them. A variety of the border are also available for pictures frames come in various colors but you can not really adjust the thickness or apply styles to them.
The application comes with a lot of banner ads but do not pop those that may get annoyed. When finished editing, you can save the image in high-quality, medium or low and choose from among the available formats, JPEG or PNG. There is also share with friends on various social networking option.

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